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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] doramaonna at Last Cinderella episode 6
Me like!
Tachibana Mom is fabulous! Woman just knows her son so you can't just tell her what colours he is painted with! She knows him better!
She may be a little bit wrong though, because Rintaro already had seeing-Sakura-all-glossy moment! And he really cares about her! Why would he bother Hiroto to tell her the truth but insisting on lying her about part that will hurt her! I like how Hiroto pointed out how Rintaros' caring for Sakura goes beyond employer-employee cause dude everyone sees it except from yourself and the girl! Hopefully Rintaro will get out of the Denial-ville by the end of next episode!
Hiroto on the other hand is really busy getting his ducks in line! Win tournament in front of Sakura and be cool-check! Find a job and get used to working but keep low profile about it-check! Get rid of old girlfriends-this is still not sure but check! Prepare your psycho sis to the fact that you will have relationship and help her to have her own- working on it! What is left is to tell girl about his secrets but somehow to manage not to loose her! What i appreciate about Hiroto is that he realises that he needs to work hard to became man worth Sakuras' affection! And he is doing great job with it! Just that Sakura is still sometimes acting like oyaji-school girl with him and that is burning my eyes!
But what is interesting is that this time in the opening sequence Hiroto and Rintaro are on the same distance from Sakura but we are looking at Hirotos'back! And this is the first time that Rintaro is the one to put a slipper on Sakuras'foot!
Also, this should be the first thing but Yamamoto Yusuke is here! Fangirl moment!!! This guy is so adorable that i have no words! I hope he helps Miki with her self esteem! She is awesome woman just needs someone to remind her about it after years and years of being cooking and cleaning lady! And not to forget the doormat for her Purple-head-mother-in-law and Worst-Husband-Ever! This woman needs a break before beer becomes her best friend! I hope that Yusuke will treat her good! After all he is Tamaki Suou, and has a reputation to uphold! :P
Shima not being able to sleep with that dude is not interesting since she will clearly end up with Worst-Husband-Ever! I still hope everyone will just ditch him end find someone better!
Chiyoko and Hiroto happy moment was so sweet and i wish we can have more of her being smiley than being miserable, stalkerish and jealous! Also another info is that they are siblings but from different fathers! I hope i got it right! Any way Chiyoko is younger sister! That means Haruma is playing character that is 1 year older and Nanao at least 2 years younger! In real life Nanao is 2 years older than Haruma! She is really beautiful but looks older than him!
While we are at age, red somewhere that Shinohara Ryoko and her husband have big age gap so decided to check it and it is true! Her husband is 24 years older!
Next episode will be all about Sakura and Rintaro and i can't wait for it! Honestly for few episodes they lost me but now i'm back on the ship and ready for more! Btw can we have Miura Haruma under shower every episode! maybe better not, i will end up without the blood!


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