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This is the list of my current drama(and all Arashi related)obsessions. The last 2 months I 've been in a drama drought, real life keep messing with my long established drama schedule, so I'm trying to get it back but it's taking more time than I expected.....

1. I started the year with Flower Boy Next Door(FBND). This k-drama is just my "cup of tea"...I luv the story, actors and the music is great...Next week is the ending so I already having withdrawal symptoms, what I am going to do without Enrique, Dok-mi and Jin-rak? One for sure it's that I'm gonna stalk Kim Ji-hoon from now, the guy is so hot that I'm still asking myself why I didn't notice before *face palm to me*

2. I started a Bloody Monday marathon last Friday and was able to watch until Season 2 Episode 4...so right now it's my priority necessity to finish the season and watch the movie. The drama is so good and the eye-candy is way better...Miura and Sato together=Heaven. I never thought hacking could be so utterly sexy and enjoyable...so if someone knows a hacker like Falcon(ok like Miura)please send him my way!!! This girl will be forever grateful :)....It's amazing how much I'm enjoying Miura's acting and when he smiles, oh boy the world stops and I can't help grinning like a fool..good thing he doesn't smile too often in this drama.

3. Arashi...I'm currently watching some of the variety shows and I luv every single thing of them. They are not your usual idols, I find their "down to earth" attitude so refreshing that I really cannot understand why I didn't pay attention to them before, I have missed so many good things but I definitely plan to sort of catch up. Arashi has taken a very special place in my fangirl heart!!

4. That Winter, The Wind Blows....I'm currently watching episode 3 and so far I'm captivated. I expect a lot of melodrama but It's always good to watch Kim Bum in my screen.


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