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Today's is a very special day because my "life ruiners" celebrate their 14th anniversary as a group. As a lot of people, Arashi appeared in my life thanks to Hana Yori Dango, I fell at 1st sight for Matsumoto Jun. After some research I found out he was part of an idol group called Arashi. I was to busy discovering new k-dramas and k-pop that I forgot about them(now that's a big regret).It was until last year that I re-discovered Arashi thanks to Tumblr and fell in love with them. My experience in k-pop fandoms was a bittersweet experience, so I was quite surprised to find such a unity and respect in the Arashian fandom.I think Arashi has that effect, we love them so much and seeing how they have been together for so long and their unity makes us stay united and always happy.

Being an Arashi fan is a never ending joy,everyday there's something new about them. It's an honor being their fan because they are so talented in every aspect,funny,hardworking, and on and on...There's million reasons I can list of why I love them. I have been their fan for a short time but it feels like I have been with them since the beginning...Sometimes I just cannot express how many feeling these lovely dorks awake on me. When I feel down just listening to their music makes me feel better. Whenever I watch their variety shows I forget about all my worries and just enjoy the moment.

I have always been terrible at expressing my feelings but when it comes to Arashi, the feelings and words never stop to flow.My bias is Matsujun but in reality I love them all in the same way. It's amazing how much I can fangirl over each of them in 5 mins. Arashi has now become part of my daily life....including my finances, lol. At this rate I will be broke pretty soon but its so worth it. I called them my "life ruiners"but in reality they are my "lifesavers".They appeared in the moment of my life I need them the most...to make my life so sweet!!!

Thank You Ohno,Aiba, Sho,Nino and Jun for being such wonderful human beings and I hope I can experience one of your concerts in my person...I will always support you and I look forward for many anniversary celebrations to come.

A-ra-shi, A-ra-shi for dream!!!!


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