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The past weeks have been full of new music releases, so I'm making a video list of my favorite songs until now...enjoy!!!

Arashi - Endless Game
The release I was expecting the most. After listening to the song in Sho drama, Kazoku Game, it became a fave. Arashi never fails to delivery good music and the video was so freaking good. I died like 1000x just watching it time after time, the boys looks so handsome. Great concept in my opinion!!

The embed code may not be working so here its the link to this video.
Source: http://www.yinyuetai.com/video/671125

Kat-tun - Face to Face
This song really grew on me, I'm not the biggets Kat-tun fan but I think they are releasing better songs every time...oh and I have a huge crush on Kame, my 1st ichiban.

Exile - Flower Song
I'm very new to Exile music but after listening to this song I plan to listen more of their music.

Kanjani8 - Koko ni Shikanai Keshiki
It's not a new-hot release but the song is so beautiful I need to include it on this list.
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Arashi.....How I started to like them? That happened thanks to tumblr,in the past I listened to some of their songs and watched some Matsujun dramas but I never really got into them. I was too busy with k-pop but after creating my Tumblr account I started to read and watch pics,fan rantings, videos and gif of them in my timeline. My immediate hook was Matsujun, I had a crush on him since HYD, but after I started watching more and more things related to them, at some point they stole my heart.

Then I found out my favorite Unnie in twitterland is a fan of them, so she started to guide in the Arashi fandom....I started to download their songs and I made the best purchase of my life: Arafes Live Concert. This concert sealed my love for Arashi, even my sister became a fan. I have attended great concerts of the likes like U2, Elthon John, coldplay but Arashi took me to another galaxy and I was only watching the concert in my TV. Their onstage delivery is what makes them special and different from any other group\band....and you can see their unity and friendship. Seeing them makes me happy and I just want to sing and dance along them and share the Arashi happiness.

I've been listening to "5x10"" song all day and everytime my heart jumps and I get all emotional...I'm seriously love being an Arashian!!!

I enjoy this video so much!!


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So I finally found the time to start watching Arashi PV's, variety shows or anything related to them I can found on Facebook,Youtube or Dailymotion...I have so many things to do, so hopefully I will be able to sort of catch up by the end of this year....

I just watched this video "Nino's Hypnotism Technique"...I was laughing like crazy...Why are they so dorky and cutie?

In the long journey to be become an Arashian.....
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I just found this amazing video on youtube...it brought me laughts and tears. I am new Arashi fan but already luved them so much!!!


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