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After 3 weeks I was finally able to watch NEWS Pacific Live Tour with my sister. We just finished watching the concert & the amount of feels is huge. NEWS was my first Japanese group bias back when all 6 were together so after watching them together my feels are in overload. I was beyond happy when Sho & Nino appeared on the stage. Then Kis-my-ft2 and A.B.C.....and to make things perfect,shirtless Yamapi!!! I luv Japan idols!!!!

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Today's is my ichiban 30th Birthday and a very special day for any Arashi fan. The youngest member of the best idol band ever turned 30,I can't believe how time flies so fast. Now all members officially left the 20's but the wonderful thing is they look so young still. The first time I heard about Arashi was thanks to Jun HYD drama. He instantly became one of my asian boy crushes,I followed him from time to time but it was until last year that I fully got into the Matsujun and Arashi wagon.

I really thing that has been one of the best decision in my life so far. I was just checking the tumblr post of Jun birthday and I'm really happy I'm part of this fandom. Some of the posts almost made me cry,it's really amazing what Arashi can make us feel. We laugh,scream and cry along with them.

Today is the turn to celebrate the chibi of the group...the cool,sexy,hardworking,sensible,fashionista,perfectionist,Matsumoto Jun. I can write an essay on how amazing & wonderful he is but I think everyone already knows that. I can only say I love his passion while performing,his beautiful smile,his dedication & perfectionism,his care for the rest if the guys. I recently read that Ohno(I think) said that Jun was the pillar of Arashi and you really can see how much he loves Arashi. He's always looking for new things to incorporate in the concerts which really shows how much he cares for the fans by giving the best spectacle every tour.

Happy 30th Birthday Matsumoto Jun,my favorite hip shaker...may you smile keep lightening my life!!!! 愛してるよ!!!


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